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19 Dec to 27 Dec 2003
27 Dec to 04 Jan 2004.

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Sefrou to Bhalil

The Sefrou to Bhalil walk.
Our curious route across the gully on the way up.


Zakaria, looking very subdued.
(Photo taken at lunchtime on New Years Day)


Mama Aisha's cave-house.
Looking inwards.


And looking back towards the entry.
(Stairs to bedroom on left)


Mama Aisha herself.


New Years Eve

The party warming-up.
Two drummers, doing a tour of hotels, call in on us.


Soon everyone is dancing.


The hotel staff join in.


And Sarah shows her star qualities.


Moulay Idriss

A perfect location.
A town sitting on two hills, nestling in the mountains.


In the middle of the town...
...the Moulay Idriss Mausoleum.


Walking over to Volublis

An old lady poses for a photo.
She is one of the few who are willing to have their photo taken... for a few Dirhams.


Eating lunch on the hill overlooking Moulay Idriss.



The main street of the Roman town.


The arches,


The mosaics.


A view from the garden.


And Ian demonstrating the "shop sign" at the brothel.


The journey back to Casablanca

Omar mends our bus.
Typically foresighted, he had found a motorway patrol van and stopped close to it!



The restaurant stop coincided with the best weather of the week.
(New Year group)


Sitting in the sunshine.


Lunch arriving.


The food is good.


A view of the river from the restaurant.
The Tour Hassan is visible and is our target for the walk through the town.


The entry gates are flanked by horsemen.


They are a spectacular sight.


So too is the Tour Hassan,
flanked by the pillars of the never-built mosque.


Opposite is the new tomb of Mohammed V.


Inside the tomb his coffin rests in splendour.


Is it right to finish this set of photos with a photo of a coffin?

Would it be better to finish with a photo of our hotel in Casablanca?

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