Hiking in the Atlas Mountains

28 October to 10 November 2005.
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Our "Free Day"

In the morning we climbed E of the Dades Narrows
(Looking back as we climbed)

Then back down to the cafe just below the Narrows

We continued on a picture-taking tour.
First the Nomad caves.

Then the gorge above the hairpins.

The hairpins.
Hotel Vieux Chateau visible.

After lunch we went to the Doigts des Singes.
(To see the strange rock formations)

Having a closer look.

Then along the river to see a kasbah.

The "River Walk" (In Vallée du Roses)

On the way across to Boutgharar.
Using two locally-hired "tough buses".

Starting the River Walk.

A marooned tortoise at the foot of a seguia.
(Definitely a tortoise and not a Terrapin)

Snaking across the river.

The Shining Path - Moroccan style.
Nothing like the spine-chilling Sendoro Luminoso.

Past some magnificent scenery.

After the walk, back into the vehicles
and a climb back over the mountain.

Great views from the high point.

The sensational descent to Boutgharar.

Through Boutgharar.
(N.B. Hotel with car park!)

Back to Dades via the dusty road
harshly lit by a setting sun.

Just glorious!

Returning across Atlas to Aït Ourir

This time we stopped-off at Kasbah Taourirt.
(The other World Heritage site)

The fine ceilings. Plain (above).
Ornate (right).

Fine plaster-work.

Just across the road was our lunch stop.

You can see Kasbah Taourirt in the background.

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