Tour dates: 29 Dec to 05 Jan 2007.
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Essaouira is a fishing port on the Atlantic coast.
They repair ships there.

They build ships there.

Obviously, they fish from there too.
(Much to the approval of the local cats)

Harbour mouth - Click to view

As you leave the harbour you approach a large open space.
Do you get the idea that they may sometimes clean fish here?

From there you can walk along the battlements which used to protect the harbour.

Below the walls in the Old Town are the tourist shops.

More centrally in the Old Town there is a market.

There are many shops and cafes.
Each one painted in white and blue.

And many shops selling artefacts in Thuja wood.

Back near the walls there are workshops set up in the streets.
Nearby, cats sleep in the sun.

Opposite there are shops...
...with workspace in the back.

Here is one of their finished products.

There were even some nice cafes on the route back to the harbour and our coach.

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